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  • Bunker Bulletin  –‘MRV: what might it mean for bunker suppliers?’ March 2014
  • ISO standards and links to biodiversity 2012 - How can standards help organisations support the CBD? Specifically, relevant given that biodiversity is a very complex topic, and as a result it is often difficult to encapsulate in a given standard or set of standards.
  • Anne-Marie Warris and Stefan Tagen – ‘Common framework for ISO management system standards’ – ISO Focus May 2012
  • Anne-Marie Warris and Mike Woodfield  ‘Uncertainty  - Implications for emission trading’ Oct 2010
  • Anne-Marie Warris and Zabi Basari – ‘Reflections on Copenhagen: Marine Greenhouse Gas Emissions’ LR Technology Day 2009 published Jan 2010
  • Anne-Marie Warris -  ‘Next generation ISO 14001 – three questions and 3C’s’; ISO Management System November/ December 2008
  • Anne-Marie Warris and Gillian Reynolds – ‘CO2 emissions from shipping – framework for assessment of potential market based and regulatory control options’ Paper submitted by IMarEST to IMO MEPC 58/4/21 August 2008;
  • Anne-Marie Warris and Paul Lightburn The Maritime Industry and Climate Change – What is Going On? IETA Status of the GHG Market 2008
  • Anne-Marie Warris – ‘Role of ISO standards in the voluntary and regulated carbon market’- ISO Focus February 2008

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