ecoreflect - why?

In her 2010 Royal Acadamy of Engineering LR Education Trust lecture Anne-Marie looked at whether a ‘low carbon world is it realistic?’ and concluded that: 

  • A low carbon world is realistic
  • Facing a typical ‘tipping point’ scenario 
  • We do have the technology
  • Need both continuous development of existing technologies as well as innovation


Her belief is that we can have a low carbon world that to achieve we need balance the three pillars of sustainability using innovation; improvement and implementations. This belief has been Anne-Marie’s guiding light and is the reason for setting up ecoreflect. The name ecoreflect reflects this belief because developments without understanding the interaction between environment, economic and social are not holistic and tends to result in ‘end of pipe’ approach that later must change so are no economically efficient.


She is aware the world is ‘messy’ but believes we can navigated it while avoiding pitfalls and tipping points



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