Growing Reefs & Protecting Coastlines


Since 2013 ecoreflect as been involved with a small cutting-edge technology company, CCell Renewables, who grow beautiful reefs which protect coastlines and restore vital coral ecosystems. The smart, nature-based solution uses renewable energy and a team of local experts to provide tailor-made defences against erosion.


CCell’s patented wave-energy technology allows for the powering of an electrolysis process that accrues natural seawater minerals around a steel frame, producing limestone rock, the backbone of coral reefs.


CCell has recently overfunded during a round of equity crowdfunding on Crowdcube, thanks to their 700+ investors. They are also running a Sponsor a Coral program, the ideal gift for environmentally conscious individuals.


Anne-Marie plays a vital role as chair / facilitator and is actively involved in business strategy. Anne-Marie leverages her experience, acting as a facilitator and organizer, driving delivery, while maintaining a focus on key company strategy.


Stay up to date with CCell’s work on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Linkedin along with their science based blogs.


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